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Droid Crosser: Space Traffic

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Droid crosser takes traffic direction games to a new level in a new space age robot game that demands the successful direction of eight lanes of rushing traffic while lasers and explosions fill the void of space.

control your robots in droid crosser

Take Control of your community of robots and swipe them to accelerate safely across the roads to protect them during their daily errands. Earn gems to buy more robots and spaceships to grow your space community. Do not let your robots and ships collide during this space rush hour or the game will be over.

avoid collisions with spaceships


-Tap to speed up spaceships along the road

-Tap to speed up robots to their destination

-Get higher ranks as your score increases

-Collect all the different robot models

-Collect all the spaceships

-Achieve a higher score than your friends

Droid Crosser will challenge players’ agility, speed and hand eye coordination, while strengthening their mental vigor as increasing levels of concentration are needed to manage the space traffic rush hour. Download for free today!