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Taco Shoot

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Take control of your own taco stand in Droid Crosser Space. Memorize orders and fire your cannons to prepare tacos for the never-ending stream of taco hungry customers.

taco shoot

4 Game Modes

Normal – Get to grips with your new taco stand and keep the tacos flying
Speed – Everything speeds up and the customers are less patient
Precision – Perfect your aim when the cannons are no longer stationary
Changer – Pay attention to your ingredients because they often like to change places

Mini Game

Serve enough customers and play a special fly shooting mini game that unlocks special bug helpers to help aide your quest to get the top score on each game mode.

Taco Shoot Features:

4 Game Modes
Memory Improvement
Simple Cannon Tap Firing Action
Fly Shoot Mini Games
Inventory of Bug Helpers
download on the app storeGet it on Google Play