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Sheep Escape Aliens Sleep

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Aliens are well known for abducting farm critters and now they are after your sheep. Fortunately aliens get sleepy very quickly and can be easily eluded while they sleep. Tap each lane of the game board to help your sheep clear the electric fences and collect musical notes to maintain the alien lullaby. Do not take too long or let too many sheep hit the fence, or the aliens will awake and steal back your sheep.


sheep escape aliens sleep

Control three lanes of running sheep and bounce them over the electric fence obstacles to help keep the aliens asleep. Earn gold notes to customize your sheep and get the most sheep through for a music box bonus.

Collect all the hats


  • Infinite Sheep Running
  • Customizable Sheep
  • Three Lanes of Traffic to Manage
  • High Difficulty
  • Soothing Lullaby Music

Keep the Aliens asleep and download for free today!
Get it on Google Playdownload on the app store