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Whack A Fly

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Are you sick of pesky flies? Get revenge in Whack A Fly where you have your chance to crush as many flies as your heart desires. Use simple controls to hunt down and crush these pests and progress through increasingly harder levels…just watch out for bees- their stingers will put a quick end to your crushing spree.

Tap and Drag Game Play

Use simple controls to either tap and crush flies or tap and drag your finger to crush multiple waves of flies at a time.

Whack A Fly Screen Shot 1

Stay Focused

Whack a Fly puts your focus and concentration to the test, as you must quickly eliminate endless waves of flies. Each level requires longer and longer amounts of concentration to advance to the next stage.

Whack A Fly Screen Shot 2

Scaling Difficulty

Every level increases the threshold of difficulty with added flies and different bugs to increase difficulty. Can you get a higher level than your friends?

Game Features:

  • Endless fly crushing mayhem
  • Challenging Gameplay
  • Excellent focus trainer
  • Scaling Difficulty


Download for free and test your skills today!

Get it on Google Play

flies invading a picnicnever a bbq in peaceflies always fly through an open dooralways a fly in my soup

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