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Easter Eggstatic Games on Google Play for Spring

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Here we are looking at some fun mobile games that have an eggcellent Easter theme!

Hidden Object Easter Egg Hunt

Hidden Object games are one of the most popular genres on mobile devises. Most have some kind of fantasy or murder theme. But not this one. Here you need to find as many eggs as you can. This is a lot of fun and will certainly give you a real mental workout, plus the Easter theme is really cool.

Swipe Easter Eggs

If you have a mobile device then no doubt you have played at least one “match three” kind of game. This is a fun, seasonal take on that genre where you will need to match eggs together. This sounds easy, but getting a high score requires quite a bit of skill and you will certainly find yourself having just one more go, over and over again!

Easter Egg Dash

The idea of this game is that you play as the Easter Bunny who is required to hunt down all the missing eggs. You will need to move all over the mazes, go up and down pipes and collect all the eggs to save Easter! This is a game that is a lot of fun and actually feels like a video game which is something many mobile games struggle to do.

Bunny Run

In this game you play as a bunny (not quite confirmed that it is the Easter bunny) who needs to get a load of carrots so his kids can eat. This is an endless runner style of game where the bunny is always running to the right and with carefully timed presses of the screen, you will need to make him jump and duck to get all the carrots.

Carrot Time

This maze runner game puts the user in charge of a carrot that must hunt through a moving maze of holes and obstacles to the feed the hungry rabbit. Carrot Time is filled with many Spring themed obstacles and offers power ups if the user is able to collect all of the eggs


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